Wherever You’re


Fandango: Sales

Genre: Drama

Country: Italy

Directed by Bonifacio Angius

Alessandro wears his lucky shirt, black, shimmery, super. He doesn’t feel fifty years old. Like every Saturday night, today, he does the wee hours at the Blu Star Disco. And when, at dawn, his mom refuses to give him the two hundred euros that he needs to impress the girls, Alessandro goes crazy.
After a life wasted in front of a slot-machine, drunk-talking from early in the morning, and hoping for the luck of a scratch ticket, Alessandro would never have imagined that he could find love again. In a psych-ward.
This is where our man meets Francesca.
Francesca has seen a hard road, and Alessandro falls in love with her instantly.

“You’re not right in the head, you’re a danger to your son, and if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll never see him again,” they always said to Francesca. This is why she wants to get out of Sassari.
Francesca wants to escape, she’s already gotten the ferry tickets, for her and Vittorio, her son, and Alessandro has decided to follow her, accompany her, protect her. He has decided to finally give some purpose to his life.

From the director of “Perfidia” Locarno IFF 2014 – Competition – Junior Jury Award