A perfect day


Fandango: Produzione - Sales

A production: FANDANGO in collaboration with RAI CINEMA

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 105 min

Country: Italy

DIRECTOR Ferzan Ozpetek

CAST Isabella Ferrari, Valerio Mastandrea, Valerio Binasco, Nicole Grimaudo, Stefania Sandrelli, Monica Guerritore

A Perfect Day is a fresco of emotion and compassion. A fierce love story that separates and unites Emma and Antonio, a Roman couple scarred by torment and obses- sion. Their children, Valentina and Kevin, are innocent bystanders then victims to a crime about to unfold.
A Perfect Day in 24 hours tells the story of a group of characters whose lives are about to shatter into a thousand pieces. Immersed in scandal and shame is the honorable Elio Fioravanti and his restless beautiful wife. Then there is Mara, a lonely and complicated professor who re-discovers her long lost love. Different and distant worlds are destined to meet in an unending drama, unveiling the elements of a decadent existence. This is a story of human suffering and the attempt to give shape to the chaotic reality of corrupt politics and painful love.