Fandango: Distribuzione - Sales

Produced by: Alfredo Federico, Simona Banchi, Klaus Maek

A production: 39 Films (ITALIA) Interzone Picture (GERMANIA) in collaboration with Rai Cinema

Runtime: 95 min

Country: Italy/Germany

Directed by Renzo Carbonera
D.o.p Luca Coassin
Editing Natalie Cristiani

With Carlotta Antonelli, Libero Di Rienzo, Primo Reggiani, Paolo Calabresi, Anna Ferruzzo, Camillo Grassi, Camillo Ventola, Ivan Polidoro

Maria and her husband Johnny run a petrol station with a takeaway shop in desolate mountain village. The pride of her dad, Maria is a racewalker, and as she is almost 30 years old, she may have little chance to fulfill her lifelong dream. Johnny, who is much older than her and a former athletic trainer, seems to know only one way to support his wife: the illegal drugs he keeps in his refrigerator. The couple’s balance is upset by the arrival of Tom, whose career and health have
been ruined by doping, and who is looking for a way to get back at his former trainer Johnny.