Mid-august lunch


Fandango: Distribuzione - Sales

A production: ARCHIMEDE in collaboration with RAI CINEMA

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 75 min

Country: Italy

DIRECTOR Gianni Di Gregorio

CAST Gianni Di Gregorio, Grazia Cesarini Sforza, Maria Calì, Marina Cacciotti, Valeria De Franciscis

Directed by Gianni Di Gregorio, co-writer of GOMORRA, and produced by GOMORRA director Matteo Garrone, MID-AUGUST LUNCH is a comedy of elderly manners. Gianni, in his 50s, lives with his elderly mother and has money worries. One day in August, the administrator who takes care of the bills for their apartment building agrees to cancel his debt if he will look after his mother for a few days while he goes away with his family. Reluctantly Gianni agrees, then finds himself with not one but three ancient and demanding guests to look after in their small apartment. Anyone with a typical Nonna will sympathise with Gianni’s plight as he tries to keep all the ladies comfortable, happy and well fed.