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A production: ARCHIMEDE

Genre: amatico

Runtime: 66 min

Country: Italy

DIRECTOR Matteo Garrone

CAST Gertian Durmishi, Pasqualino Mura, Corrado Sassi, Euglen Sota

Ghini and Gherti are two homeless Albanian cousins. Corrado is the unhinged photographer who hosts them in one of Rome’s fanciest, most exclusive neighbourhoods. Thrown into this new setting, the two youths live their lives in parallel, yet remote from one another: one a tireless worker, and the other an involuntary witness to the wanderings of Lino, a former doorman, as he searches for his wife who has gone insane. First intertwined with one another, these characters’ stories then split up in a hot Roman August.

Arguments, beach trips, and friendships fated, perhaps, to last no longer than a summer.