Every time you go


Fandango: Produzione - Sales

A production: FANDANGO in collaboration with MEDUSA FILM

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 95 min

Country: Italy

DIRECTOR Davide Cocchi

CAST Fabio De Luigi, Cecilia Dazzi, Rolando Ravello, Giorgio Colangeli, Franco Mescolini

Orfeo was a boy with a dream: becoming a ballroom singer. Singing for mom, for Uncle Smile – a barber and a magician on the accordion – singing for Pamela, the girl with whom it was love at first sight. Twenty years later, his dream grows more complicated: becoming a ballroom singer… along with Pamela. She is a free, elusive spirit; she keeps coming and going in Orfeo’s life, like the “curl” of a mazurka dance – music and dreams mark the rhythm of this bizarre love story. Every Time You Go is a sentimental comedy that leaves you short of breath: as romantic as a waltz, unpredictable as an atomic polka, with the yearning passion of a tango. Because, as has been said “the course of true love has never been smooth.”