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Fandango: Sales

Prodotto da: Les Films d'Ici, Rai Cinema, Stemal Entertainment

Uscita: 17 february 2022

Genere: Drama

Paese: Italy/France

Lingua: italiano

DIRECTOR Paolo Taviani
SCREENPLAY Paolo Taviani
DOP Paolo Carnera, Simone Zampagni
EDITOR Roberto Perpignani
MUSIC Nicola Piovani

CAST: Fabrizio Ferracane, Martina Catalfamo, Nathalie Rapti Gomez, Roberto Herlitzka (Pirandello’s voice)

Pirandello died leaving precise arrangements: no funeral or celebration. In the end, the funerals were three. The film tells the story of the adventurous journey of Pirandello’s ashes from Rome to Agrigento, among accidents, meetings and visions. A plane didn’t take off because of old superstitions; a train slowly traveled towards the South. At last, Pirandello’s ashes were thrown from a rock overlooking the Sicilian sea, creating the shape of a nail; “The Nail” was Pirandello’s last work, inspired by a murder in Brooklyn and by the character of Bastianeddu, who already appeared in “Chaos”