La bionda


Fandango: Produzione

Soggetto e scenneggiatura Gian Filippo Ascione -Umberto Marino – Sergio RubiniDirettore della fotografia Alessio Gelsini Montaggio Angelo Nicolini Musiche di Jurgen Knieper Prodotto da Domenico ProcacciPer Fandango

Sergio RubiniEnnio Fantastichini

Tommaso Montefusco (Sergio Rubini), a shy introverted guy from the south of italy, is taking a short wathmaking course in Milan.While he is driving along one evening, he knocks down a young blonde woman, who goes into shock and loses her memory completely. And this is how The Blonde (Natassia Kinsky) makes her “fatal” entrance into Tommaso’s life. At first, he sees her as an inconvenient and heavy burden that he would like to rid himself of as soon as possible. Then his feelings inevitably get the better of him and falls hopelessly in love with her, even breaking off with his girlfriend, Maria Pia.One morning, The Blonde’s memory suddenly returns, and her other life comes back. She takes off immediatly, vanishing into her own world, and her past. Tommaso becomes desperate. But a slender clue that she leavesbehind enables him to track her down. He spies on her, and as keeps her under observation discovers that Christine, as she is called, is not the woman he came to know in the brief period during which they were forced to live togheter but someone completely different, who frequents a suspect and ambiguos world and is surrounded by mysterious individuals.She lives with a certain Alberto (Ennio Fantaschini), a wheeler dealer without too many scruples, who togheter with a corrupt cop and smart, stop at nothing financier (Luca Barbareschi) is about to bring off a deal that could set him up for life.Christine also wants to make a new life for herself, and secretly planning to do just that.After an endless series of double games, lies and betroyals, she is on the point of breaking free. But Tommaso, more in love with her than ever, appears on the scene and jeopardizes her plans. At this point, Christine cannot permit herself to fail: she has taken too many risks and has reached a point of no return. And so she confronts Tommaso, telling him harshly that she is not the woman he fell in love with,, and that he must leave her alone. Unfortunately, the destinies of Christine, Tommaso and Alberto have now become interwined. And in the finale, which is as spectacular as it is unexpected, they pursue each other unrelentingly until…