It’s not the time of my life


Fandango: Sales

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 81 min

Country: Hungary / Romania / Norway / Slovakia

Directed by Szabolcs Hajdu

Starring Erika Tankó, Orsolya TöRöK-IllyéS, Szabolcs Hajdu, Domokos Szabó, Lujza Hajdu, Zsigmond Hajdu

Eszter, her husband Farkas, and their five-year-old son Bruno are paid an unex- pected visit in the middle of the night. Eszter’s sister Ernella, her husband Albert and daughter Laura have returned from a year spent in Scotland where, contrary to expectations, they weren’t able to settle down. It soon becomes clear that the two families had never really been in tune with one another.

Available world excluding China, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic.