Fandango: Distribuzione - Produzione - Sales

Produced by: Domenico Procacci and Laura Paolucci

A production: Fandango with Rai Cinema with the support of Fondazione Sardegna Film Commssion

Genre: Western Drama

Runtime: 103 min

Country: Italy

Directed by Matteo Fresi
Subject Matteo Fresi
Script Matteo Fresi and Carlo Orlando
Photography Gherardo Gossi
Assembly Valeria Sapienza
Scenography Alessandro Vannucci
Costumes Monica Simeone
Music Paolo Baldini Dubfiles With the Collaboration of Alfredo Puglia and Filippo Buresta
Story Editor Laura Buffoni

With Andrea Arcangeli, Marco Bullitta, Giovanni Carroni, Syama Rayner, Aldo Ottobrino, Fulvio Accogli, Nicola Pannelli, Andrea Carroni, Fiorenzo Mattu, Felice Montevino, Roberto Serpi, Francesco Falchetto, Stefano Mereu, Noemi Medas, Adele Armas, Andrea Nicolò Staffa

Set in the mid-nineteenth century Sardinia, the story of the feud between the Vasa and Mamia families, that led to the death of more than seventy people. Bastiano Tansu is a character who really existed; deaf-mute since birth, he was mistreated and marginalized until his fury and prodigious aim became useful to the feud’s cause. The family connection and the murder of his brother Michele indissolubly tied him to Pietro Vasa, who turned him into one of the most feared killers of the entire feud. The State and the Church made some attempts, often clumsy, to stem the wave of terror as the two factions destroyed one another. When the peace of Aggius determined the end of the feud, Bastiano seemed
and superstitious world that accused him of being the devil’s son already as a child, Bastiano couldn’t be absolved, and was killed by his cousin Pietro Vasa.