The Big Step


Fandango: Sales

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 96' min

Country: Italy

DIRECTOR: Antonio Padovan

CAST: Giuseppe Battiston, Stefano Fresi, Camilla Filippi, Roberto Citran

Dario has been dreaming of going to the moon since he was a child; Mario runs a sleepy hardware store in Rome with his mother. One day, Mario’s life is upset by the ringing of ​his mobile phone. His brother Dario caused a fire and ended up in prison. Dario’s mother has been dead for years, his father can’t come, so Mario finds himself the only relative who can take care of that brother​ ​​he saw only once in his life. Mario hesitates, reflects, then decides to leave towards the north. The two brothers, so physically similar but so different in character​, ​ will find themselves alone in the face of an impossible task.