Twin Flower


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Produced by: Giuseppe Gallo

A production: Picture Show, Donkadillo in collaborazione con Rai Cinema

Release: 6 giugno 2019

Genre: Drammatico

Runtime: 95' min

Country: Italia

Directed by Laura Luchetti

Starring Aniello Arena, Giorgio Colangeli

“Twin flower” is the dark tale of two teens abused and damaged by life, who together, try to regain their lost innocence.Sixteen year old anna is on the run, escaping from a violent event that traumatized her. Because of what has happened to her she has lost her voice. On the road she is rescued by Basim, a sixteen year old illegal immigrant from Ivory Coast. Together they embark on a perilous journey through the deserted lands, woods, villages and breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia.anna is pursued by Manfredi, the immigrant’s trafficker her father used to work for. Manfredi has always been obsessed by anna, by her strength, her innocence, her beauty. When anna runs away from him the man’s fury is unleashed into a pursuit like that of a wild beast on the trail of its prey.anna and Basim only have each other in the world. Their love becomes their strength. Their odyssey will reach its climax in a desperate act of extreme violence that will finally set them free and leaving them ready to walk together towards their future.