Roman summer


Fandango: Sales


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 87 min

Country: Italy

DIRECTOR Matteo Garrone

CAST Rossella Or Monica, Nappo Salvatore, Sansone Victor Cavallo, Simone Carella

When Rossella, an avant-garde stage actress in the 1970s, returns to Rome after years of absence, nothing appears as it did before. Feeling lost, she attempts to rekindle friendships from her time spent in Rome’s wine cellars, and to re-establish bonds that have now faded, searching for a past that can give her back her own identity. In her wanderings in a faceless city breathlessly awaiting the Jubilee, Rossella is accompanied by Salvatore, a lazy and disillusioned Neapolitan production designer, her assistant Monica, and a voluminous globe for a show inspired by Star Wars. Rossella’s voyage is one to rediscover herself, and not to succumb to the nagging question “How can I manage not to disappear?”