Where the shadows fall


Fandango: Produzione - Sales

Produced by: Domenico Procacci

A production: Fandango with Rai Cinema

Release: 6 september 2017

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 103 min

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

DIRECTION: Valentina Pedicini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vladan Radovic
WRITTEN BY: Francesca Manieri e Valentina Pedicini

CAST Elena Cotta, Federica Rosellini, Josafat Vagni, Lucrezia Guidone, Alberto Cracco

Switzerland, 1989.

A nursing home for the elderly, surrounded by an agreeable wood. This is the only place that Anna, born to a Jenisch family, remembers. Anna is now a stern and capable nurse. The only company in her life is Hans, a gypsy like her. Hans works as a gardener, digging ceaselessly in search of something.

The past returns in the form of an old, sick, well-mannered woman named Gertrude. Within the Anna-Gertrude-Hans triangle, the home loses its current outline and returns to what it was: a cruel shelter for Jenisch children removed from their families, the temple of a eugenics project spearheaded by Gertrude herself. With greater strength, Anna resumes the search for what has made her slave to that place. The only love in her life, the primary guilt: Fransiska.

A dark and forgotten story inspired by the life of Jenisch poet Mariella Mehr and of the 700 Jenisch children who disappeared, buried in oblivion.

Available world excluding Italy and China.