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Fandango: Sales

Genre: Comedy

Country: Italy

Directed by Antonio Albanese

Starring Antonio Albanese, Alex Fondja, Aude Legastelois

Mario Cavallaro wakes up every morning in the same way, in the same house, in the same neighbourhood, and in the same city: Milan. he has just turned fifty. Mario loves order, precision, punctuality, respect, and decorum: for everyone to keep their voices down and to stay where they belong. he divides his life between the hosiery shop he inherited from his father, and a vegetable garden – his only passion – planted on his terrace at home. any change at all frightens him, let alone his regular bar being sold to an egyptian, and Oba, a self- assured Senegalese sock vendor, appearing with his wares right in front of his shop. enough is enough, and Mario has a simple yet mad solution: “to put things back where they belong.” So he decides to kidnap Oba simply to send him back home: Milan-Senegal, one-way. after all, he thinks, if everyone did the same thing, the immigration problem would be solved – just set the GPS. But this strange “on the road” story grows terribly complicated. Oba consents to his own “deportation” under the condition that Mario also accompany his sister, Dalida, back home. Like a bolt of lightning, Mario is immediately infatuated, and Dalida seems to be a willing goddess. Too bad for Mario that she is not Oba’s actual sister, but his fiancée – and that the two of them have decided to use this crazy man and his preposterous plan to secure a free trip home and get married in the presence of their loved ones. after all, it could simply be a honeymoon in reverse, all expenses paid – chauffer included. But once the trip begins, and sentiments mingle, will everything go back where it belongs?

Available world excluding Italy and Greece. Italian release Spring 2018 – 01 Distribution

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