Fandango: Distribuzione - Sales

Produced by: Nicola Fedrigoni e Valentina Zanella

A production: K + in collaboration with Rai Cinema

Release: 29 settembre

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 107 min

Country: Italy

Directed by Corrado Ceron
Screenplay Federico Fava, Corrado Ceron
Photography Massimo Moschin
Editing Davide Vizzini, Nicola Bonaldo
Scenography Massimo Pauletto
Costumes Marzia Paparini
Music Daniele Benati, Claudio Zanoni

Stefania Sandrelli, Silvia D’amico, Paolo Rossi, Luisa De Santis, Diego Facciotti, Paolo Cioni, Giancarlo Previati, Stefano Bicocchi aka Vito

Olimpia is a legend of dance halls. At age 70, she puts her orchestra’s Ducato back on the road and sets off on a journey towards the people who loved her and the places that made her a star. For some time, however, she has been forgetting things. Therefore, she hires Maria, a girl who has yet to emerge from her cocoon, as her driver and chaperone. Olimpia is excessive and passionate, while Maria is quiet and shy. The two women will learn to love each other, until Maria realizes that Olympia is asking her to be much more than a chauffeur. For she has told no one that the journey will be her last.

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