A.L.B.E. A Life Beyond Earth


Fandango: Sales

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 80 min

Country: Italy

Directed by Elisa Fuksas

“For me everything resides in the matter of identity – who we are in the deepest and broadest sense (…) this book is not simply about uFOs and alien abductions, it is about how this phenomenon both traumatic and transformative can expand our sense of ourselves and our understanding of reality and awaken our muted potential as explorers of a universe rich in mystery, meaning, and intelligence.”

Edward E. Mack, Harvard psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize.

Seven characters from Rome and surroundings, who share extra-terrestrial experiences, are preparing for a special event: a “sky-watching” that will see them gathered to salute their cosmic siblings — will they show up?

A.L.B.E. is a feature-length documentary: characters, supernatural events and actions are all real, but narrated with a cinematic code. The result is reality’s mise-en-scéne.

The characters’ real or imaginary stories of uFO sightings, astral journeys, and alien abductions offer the opportunity to face essential human issues related to the construction of Identity, the connection to others, and ultimately, to mystery.

Available word excluding Italy.