A.L.B.E. A Life Beyond Earth


Fandango: Sales

Produced by: Tommaso Bertani, Massimilano Navarra, Leone Balduzzi, Barbara Guieu, Costanza Coldagelli, Carolina Levi, Tommaso Fagioli, Elisa Fuksas

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 80 min

Country: Italy

Directed by Elisa Fuksas
Written by Elisa Fuksas e Tommaso Fagioli
Executive Producer Massimilano Navarra
Cinematography Emanuele Zarlenga
Editing Marco Signoretti
Sound Davide Gaudenzi
Original Music Riccardo Amorese

Cast Patrizia Chinzari, Josefa Andreu Gallo, Carlo Genesi, Daniela Lunghi, Giampaolo Milioni, Giulia Sauro, Stefania Torelli, Antonio Venturini, Valerio Tomassini, Caterina Boldrini, Damiano Borgiani, Raffaele Cavaliere, Riccardo Cecchini, Domiziana Califano, Carla Conciatori, Ada e Gino Miloni, Francesca Romana Cristicini, Silver.

Seven persons from Rome and its neighbourhood share passions and experiences regarding contacts, ufology and cosmic spirituality. They are real people, ordinary “citizens above any suspicion”, yet they consider themselves special researchers, the pioneers of a novel awareness which, they are convinced, will come from the space. They are all the protagonists or the witnesses of extraordinary events that changed their lives, the type of events that everybody finds it hard to believe.

This is how ‘ALBE’ (A Life Be- yond Earth) was born: a group to share dreams, thoughts and experiences, also on whatsapp, with the certainty of not being considered crazy.
Amongst séances creating a contact with astral beings, ex- traterrestrials exorcisms, hunt- ing Orbs – luminous spheres unleashed on the planet Earth by mother-starships – and sky-watching sessions, observ- ing the sky and waiting for a signal from many cosmic sib- lings, visible only to those who open their heart, the cell-phone is always present: an indispen- sable communication technol- ogy, a means of global control, but also a tool for capturing UFOs and beings who belong to other dimensions.

Aliens are therefore creatures of the Pop culture, the heroes of a contemporary myth, as well as a mysterious mirror in which to investigate the essence of our nature itself.
In a counterpoint, director explores similar themes by meeting priests, scientists, as- tronauts and Carlo, a human “extraterrestrial”, an authentic Martian in Rome.
ALBE is a choral research about the sense of the question “are we alone in the Universe?”, amongst doubts, a quest for certainties, illusions and side- real tensions.
The protagonists’ names, experi- ences, events and incidents are authentic. The result is an origi- nal mise-en-scene of reality.