The Survival of Kindness


Fandango: Distribuzione - Produzione - Sales

Produced by: Julie Byrne and Rolf De Heer

A production: Triptych Pictures, Vertigo Productions in association with Adelaide Film Festival, Fandango and Umbrella Entertainment

Genre: Drama

Country: Australia

Director Rolf De Heer
DOP Maxx Corkindale
Editing Isaac Coen Lindsay

with Mwajemi Hussein, Deepthi Sharma, Darsan Sharma

In a cage on a trailer in the middle of the desert, BlackWoman is abandoned. But BlackWoman seems not ready to pass…she escapes, and walks through pestilence and persecution, from desert to canyon to mountain to city, on a quest that leads to a city, recapture and tragedy. BlackWoman, escaping once more, must find solace in her beginnings.

It will be presented in competition, as an international premiere, at the 73rd edition of the Berlin Film Festival (February 16-26).