Fandango: Sales

Genre: Drama

Country: Argentina

Directed by Anahí Berneri

Starring Sofia Gala, Dante Della Paolera, Dana Basso, Silvina Sabater, Carlos Vuletich, Estela Garello, Santiago Pedrero

ALANIS is a sex worker. Together with her one-year-old son, she shares with Gisela, an older woman, a so-called “private apartment” in downtown Buenos Aires, where she lives and works. Two municipal inspectors, posing as clients, enter the apartment, and as a condition to avoid closing down the place, they ask for a permit to function as a “massage parlor”, but they don’t have one. ALANIS seeks accommodation at her aunt’s place. She shows up dressed in her work clothes and tells all sorts of lies in order to hide the shameful truth from her family. From there, ALANIS will try to recover her dignity, her belongings and her friend. She will take care of her son and try to sell what she knows how to do on the streets. But the streets have their own rules, and ALANIS will have to fight to make room for herself. Constantly moving, ALANIS can’t stop to think: Where will I live with my baby? Where will I work? Do I have the freedom to make my own choices?

From the director of “A Year Without Love” (Teddy Award Berlinale 2005) and “It’s Your Fault”

Available world excluding Argentina and Latin America pay-tv. Argentinian release september 21th Cinetren.

BEST LEADING ACTRESS Sofia Gala Castiglione