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Produced by: Stefano Basso, Gianpaolo Smiraglia, Andrea Magnani, Branislav Brana Srdic

A production: Pilgrim Film, Atalante Film, Rai Cinema, con il contributo del MiBAC, con il sostegno di Slovenian Film Center, FS Viba Film, Regione Lazio, Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 83' min

Country: Italy - Slovenia

Director: Davide Del Degan
Screenplay: Andrea Magnani
D.o.p: Debora Vrizzi
Editing: Luigi Mearelli

Cast: Vincenzo Nemolato, Giovanni Calcagno, Katarina Cas, Selene Caramazza, Andrea Pennacchi, Claudio Castrogiovanni, Domenico Centamore, Lorenzo Acquaviva, Claudio Vasile Cozzo

Calogero is in the witness protection program after having witnessed a mafia murder in Sicily. With a new identity, he is sent as far as possible: Sauris, a tiny village nestled in the Italian Alps. But snow and weird Schuhplattler folk
dances do not fit him. However, he is not the only one who started a new life here; in fact, the killer that he had reported was caught and is now an informer, under the very same protection program, and for a miscarriage of justice he ended up in Sauris too. Calogero believes he’s there to kill him, but misunderstandings lead to friendship and even more… feelings have their own ways. Calogero hides from the mafia and the Killer hides from his past. Sometimes differences perfectly match.